10 Hot Yoga Postures That Can Make You Look Years Younger

Hot Yoga poses

It’s been well established that yoga gives numerous benefits for the body. It strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility. It is also good for the mind as yoga can give you peace and relaxation. Another great benefit of practicing yoga is that it can be a good way to turn back the hands of time and delay the signs of aging from showing. Through performing certain yoga postures, you can look younger and benefit yourself with the beauty and fitness they bring.

1. Standing Forward Bend. Also called the uttasana, this posture is performed by inhaling, standing up straight and raising the hands and arms. Now exhale, extend your hands in front of you and gradually lower them until you are able to reach your feet. If this is not possible, try reaching your legs and keep your head down. This posture is perfect in diminishing wrinkles, losing weight and managing diabetes.

2. Standing Forward Bend Advanced version. The Padahastana is an advanced version of the uttasana. Follow the steps of uttasana, however extend your arms backwards and interlock the fingers. Keep your head down as if reaching for the thighs. The benefits are the same with the uttasana, but this version can also help tone your arms and back.

3. Wide-legged Angle. The Prasarita padottanasa is also one of the great yoga postures. It requires the practitioner to start by standing with both feet apart for at least a meter. Lift the hands up and lower them till you are able to touch the floor. Look ahead and keep your hips backwards. Aside from toning the body, this posture is also good to enhance the mood.

4. Wide-legged Angle advanced version. As a more intense version of the previous posture, in this version, you have to put your palms flat on the ground. Slowly slide your feet wider and gently lower your head into the floor. The benefits are the same with the basic version, but with the addition of improvements in mental focus.

5. Crown based pose. The moordhasana is performed by standing with feet one meter apart. Gather your hands behind and interlock your fingers. Leaning forward, gently place your head on the floor at the same time ensuring that your knees are not bent. This pose can help tone the mind and body, however it should only be performed by advanced yoga practitioners.

6. Salutation pose. One of the most popular of the yoga postures, the Pranamasana is performed by standing erect with feet kept together. Ensure that the spine, neck and shoulders are all relaxed. Gather your palms and bring them close to your chest as if in prayer. Aside from attaining balance, this pose also helps in strengthening the spine, shoulders and neck.

7. Raised arm pose. The Hastauttanasana is simple to do. Simulating the Namaskara pose or the Sun salutation pose, start by standing with your feet together. Bring your palms together across your heart and exhale. Gather your hands overhead and stretch them upwards. This pose is beneficial for the upper extremities as it stretches the abdomen and chest. This also helps in toning the spine and arms.

8. Salutation with 8 limbs. The Ashtanga Namaskara will require you to place your knees on the ground while slowly sliding the body down. See to it that the jaw and chest are also in contact with the ground. This posture is effective in sending blood to the upper extremities and helps in nerve rejuvenation.

9. Mountain pose. With Parvatasana, you have to start by curling your toes under. Then begin lifting your hips as press your heels downs and keep them on the ground. Ensure that your face is bent downwards while your knees are aligned and straight. This pose is good for strengthening the heart and alleviating pain on the shoulders.

10. Cobra pose. This pose entails the lowering of the hips while pushing the chest upward and forward. Slowly arch your neck by taking your neck backwards. Ensure that your abdomen and knees are kept above the floor. This pose helps in stretching the whole body as well as address several issues with the kidney, liver and the digestive tract.

By performing certain yoga postures, you can do away with diseases, stress, improve blood circulation and posture and ultimately bring about your younger look. Command yourself to do these routines regularly and you’ll begin to get a glimpse of the potential fountain of youth that it brings. Preventing stress, inner peace and more positive outlook are natural occurences of these yoga postures.

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